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Welcome to my blog. You’ll find all sorts of helpful information about yoga here. If you’re looking for tips about deepening your practice or techniques that will allow you to better understand different yoga poses, you’re in the right place.

Zoning Out During Yoga Class I recently overheard a couple of people talking about slow versus fast-paced yoga classes. One person said she likes slow, restorative classes. The other expressed a preference for power or vinyasa because the fast pace allows her to “shut off” her brain. Many yoga students […]

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Yin Yoga Tip: Slow Down
Legs Up the Wall/Figure Four I can see the snow drifting down outside the window to my right. I’m lying on my back with my left leg pointing up against the wall. My right leg is crossed over it in a figure four. I focus on the weight of my […]

Slowing Down: The Key to Yin Yoga